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   Our story begins a hundred years after Analisa and her golden Faranath changed the world for the better. Analisa and her forces nearly destroyed the Dark Mob only a few escaping back to their homes in the north west. After she turned the tide and shifted the world a golden era of peace has risen. In the time since dragon riders founded their new home on a floating island above the aptly named plains of Faranath. The city was named Gale's Rest, built atop as massive floating island it served as the perfect stronghold for the Riders of Altera. Since it was created the city has grown and grown now housing over five hundred dragon and rider pairs, as well as thousands of civilians. 

Many whom came to Gale's Rest to stay before a hatching fail, but instead of forcing them to leave they all receive an offer to stay, and to contribute in way that they might find meaning in their lives. So, under Analisa's watchful eye the craft guilds of Gale's rest were formed. This how the great craft halls were formed. Each craft hall is run by a master, someone chosen by the previous master of the hall to lead it on into the future. The masters of each hall hold a seat on the ruling council of Gale's rest, also on this council you would find the current mate of the Senior Queen Rider and of course the council is lead by the Senior Queen Rider herself. This council is the governing body of Gale's rest handling any law breaking, war discussion, or anything that is brought before the council. 

Our story begins amidst this great time of peace that has become known as the 'Golden Era'. That peace is of course attributed to the Dragon Riders and their care and enforcement of law across the kingdom. However, that peace is now threatened as rumors of a building darkness in the north west reaches the ears of the current Senior Queen Rider Darya Verbena. The rumors say that a mystical dark storm has formed above the area the Orcs and Goblins of that area call home. In response her riders ready to defend the kingdom, if history was to repeat itself, she would remind them what happened last time they met dragons in battle. 

The path ahead is yours to choose now. Will you become a rider of a great dragon? Or would you prefer maybe join a craft hall? Become a Mage? Or maybe a Healer? The world is open to you now citizen of Altera...make your choice. 

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